The Way of the Bull: A Voyage

Leo Buscaglia, PhD
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Revealing the self-truths discovered by New York Times bestselling author, professor, and PBS motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia during his trips throughout Southeast Asia, The Way of the Bull directs readers to find their individual paths toward true meaning in life.

Through Buscaglia’s travel stories, The Way of the Bull emphasizes the interconnectedness of humanity and how interaction with others can aid all personal journeys. Here, the ‘bull’ represents life, truth, energy, and action. ‘The way’ indicates the potential steps that can be taken toward self-discovery of one’s true nature. Through lively anecdotes, Buscaglia reveals there is no one correct way to learn and grow in knowledge of oneself.

Demonstrating that readers should be open to new experiences, Buscaglia’s travel stories emphasize the importance of interpersonal connections. The Way of the Bull links an intriguing narrative to helpful advice that guides personal growth.

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Introduction Japan Chapter 1 The Itos Japan Chapter 2 Abe-San Hong Kong Chapter 3 Wong Thailand Chapter 4 Kanoke Cambodia Chapter 5 Hotel de la Paix Saigon Chapter 6 Lat Bali Chapter 7 Ratal Ceylon Chapter 8 Mano Southern India Chapter 9 Professor Gupta Calcutta Chapter 10 The Case Family Kashmir Chapter 11 Katie Nepal Chapter 12 Lato Epilogue