The Disabled and Their Parents: A Counseling Challenge, Third Edition

Leo Buscaglia, PhD
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Helps the disabled and their families through the complicated processes necessary to meet their unique mental, physical, and emotional needs. It offers hope, insight, and strength to take on the greatest of all human challenges.

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Introduction Section I: THE OVERALL CHALLENGE Chapter 1: A Handicap is Made, Not Born Chapter 2: A Child is Born Section II: AS THE RESEARCHER SEES THE CHALLENGE Chapter 3: Counseling the Disabled and Their Parents Section III: THE FAMILY MEETS THE CHALLENGE Chapter 4: The Role of the Family Chapter 5: Parents are People First Chapter 6: The Special Feelings of Parents of the Disabled Chapter 7: The Rights of the Family of the Disabled Chapter 8: The Family as Counselor Chapter 9: The Parents Speak: What Parents Feel What Parents Need to Hear To Be Spoken Sadly Section IV: THE DISABLED PERSON MEETS THE CHALLENGE Chapter 10: The Disabled are Persons, Too Chapter 11: Special Concerns of the Disabled Person Chapter 12: The Rights of the Disabled Chapter 13: Becoming Disabled Later in Life Chapter 14: Disabled Persons as Their Own Counselors Chapter 15: The Disabled Speak: Stepping Stones To Learn, To Do, To Experience, To Enjoy To Understand Section V: THE COUNSELOR MEETS THE CHALLENGE Chapter 16: The Team Approach to Counseling: Disabled Persons, Their Parents, and the Professionals Chapter 17: Counseling Disabled Persons and Their Families Chapter 18: The Teacher-Counselor in the Classroom Chapter 19: Self-Esteem: A Bridge to Learning Chapter 20: A Behavioral Approach to Counseling Chapter 21: Special Concerns in Counseling the Intellectually Limited Chapter 22: The Disabled are also Sexual Chapter 23: Agencies for Helping the Disabled Section VI: THE CHALLENGE FOR TOMORROW Chapter 24: Tomorrow’s Challenge Bibliography Index