Seven Stories of Christmas Love

Leo Buscaglia, PhD
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Through true personal stories retelling Christmas memories, New York Times bestselling author, professor, and PBS motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia demonstrates in Seven Stories of Christmas Love that the values of caring and love are essential far past Christmas day.

With warm humor, Buscaglia recounts real stories of peace, joy, and goodwill from his past Christmases. Mentioning events such as producing a school Christmas pageant or spending the holiday in a hospital, Buscaglia emphasizes how the moments in each story reinforced his belief in the spirit of the season and how it can be embodied throughout every month of the year.

An inspiring collection perfect for the holiday season, Seven Stories of Christmas Love encourages his audience toward self-reflection. By considering what Christmas means to them, readers can begin to understand how to incorporate these positive emotions in their lives throughout the rest of the year.

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