Love Special Edition

Leo Buscaglia, PhD
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The New York Times bestselling classic by beloved author, PBS motivational speaker, and professor Leo Buscaglia, Love is an inspirational collection of essays that has helped millions of readers learn to love by identifying barriers to love and suggesting means to overcome them.

Originally published in 1972 and inspired by Buscaglia’s popular and groundbreaking “Love Class” at the University of Southern California, Love is filled with emotional insight about the human condition and provides important steps toward personal growth and fulfillment. 

Framed by Buscaglia’s renowned lectures on love, the text takes a philosophical approach to the various forms of love that shape the human experience: romantic love, love of others, and self-love. Beloved by readers for decades, the text remains as poignant today as it did upon its original publication.

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Introduction Forward to Love I. Love is a Learned Phenomenon II. Man needs to Love and be Loved III. A Question of Definition IV. Love Knows No Age V. Love Has Many Deterrents VI. To Love Others You Must First Love Yourself VII. To Love You Must Free Yourself of Labels VIII. Love Involves Responsibility IX. Love Recognizes Needs X. Love Requires One to Be Strong XI. Love Offers No Apology