Born For Love: Reflections on Loving

Leo Buscaglia, PhD
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Born for Love: Reflections on Loving is a collection of short, poignant thoughts and inspirational quotes on love from New York Times bestselling author, professor, and PBS motivational speaker Leo Buscaglia. 

Filled with inspirational quotes and structured so each section can be read individually, Born for Love can be picked up at any point, allowing the reader to guide their own experience through Buscaglia’s reflections on love. This approach encourages personal philosophical thinking and contemplation, creating a highly individualized experience and encouraging students of love toward a better comprehension of the art of loving.

Inspirational and thought-provoking, Born for Love: Reflections on Loving conveys Leo Buscaglia’s message through short, poignant chapters filled with memorable, uplifting quotes. Just as Buscaglia insisted that love lasts forever, his poignant words continue to have everlasting relevance with today’s audience.

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Love Requires Effort Failure in Love We Come Into This World Ignorant of Love- Some of Us Leave the Same Way Rigidity and Loving The Agelessness of Love Love As a Work of Art Love and Self-respect Don’t Wait For Love to Come to You Fear of Vulnerability Love Is Nourished by Optimism Love Knows What Is Essential Bringing Surprise to Love When Love Is Postponed For Another Day A Healthy Condition for Unconditional Love Love As Fulfillment The Natural Flow of Love Love Doesn’t Keep Score The Search For Love Love Has Nothing To Do With Competition Never Tire of saying “I Love You” The Art of Staying in Love Love and Perfection Lasting Love Live Now, Dissect Later Separateness Is an Illusion The Prudent Know Love Risking in Love Healthy Love Thrives on Differences Make Love an Art Assertiveness and Loving Love’s Priorities You Are Enough Love Serves as More Than a Mirror For Us The Way to Understand Is to Be Understanding Love Is Not Love Unless It Is Used We All Have the Equal Potential to Love and Be Loved Bitterness Only End Up Souring An ounce of Discretion Is Worth More Than a Pound of Knowledge Using Love For Convenience Surviving the Wounds of Love Publicizing Love Dying Comes Naturally to Us All Having the Courage to Live Does Not Affection and Love Rigidity and Love Love is Earned Ego as a Barrier to love Looking at Love A Time for Joy It Is Impossible to Solve Our Problems While Remaining the Same Person Who Brought Them on Rapt Attention as the Message of Love The Compulsion to Change Those we Love When Love Needs Help Trust Love Is Not a Private Affair Keeping Fear in Balance Striving to Be Loved, Rather Than Striving to Love Looking For a Love That Doesn’t Exist When We Relinquish Our Dignity We Also Relinquish Our Right To Complain About It Possessiveness Always Ends By Destroying What It Tries to Protect Viable Alternatives in Loving Getting Along We Get What We Give and Find What We Expect The Loving Compliment One Is Never Too Old For Love The Paradox of Hurting Those We Love Love and Enthusiasm Need Breeds Success The Put Down Love Discards Labels Love is Ageless Necessary Anxiety A Lesson in Love from Aunt C. and Uncle L. The Value of Difference Love and Cultural Enrichment You Are Enough Being True to you Patience Love Frees Thankfulness Analyzing Love Expressing Needs Learning Patience What We Think and Believe Is What We Are Trivia Is the Pestilence That Eventually Kills Love Loneliness as a Source of Love Adaptability in Love Choice The Only Time We Fail at Love in When We Blame Our Failure on Others The Real Challenge of Love Is To Maintain Our Personal Dignity Without Intruding on That of Others Stop Questioning, Just Love, and You Will Have Solved Its Mystery Losing You Are Never Defeated in Love Until You Imagine You Fully Understand It Self-Sacrifice Love Makes Us More We Are Only Prepared to Give and Receive the Love We Know A Day Spent Without Having Completed an Act of Love Is a Day Lost Avoiding Ourselves Extremes of Emotion Distort Love Love Has Greater Purpose Than to Simply Make Us Comfortable The Tools to Make Love Work Love Can Be Nurtured by Solitude Relating Lovers Forgive Themselves Attempting to Change the Unchangeable A Well-Known Formula For Helping Love to Grow Love Profits from a Sense of Humor Love What You Love With a Passion Coping Love Creates an “Us” Without Destroying a “Me” Love Isn’t the Problem, We Are Love Has No Room for Jealousy Love Survives in Empathy Our Hearts Have a Mind of Their Own I Will Love You If Love and the Question of Planning Ahead Love and the Frail Vision of Self Don’t Miss Life While Waiting For Love You Can Love Others Only as Much as You Love Yourself Communicating Love Love Is an Art as Well as a Science Believing Enough to Forgive Love is Enriched by Play When love It True, It Is Selfless Happiness in Love Love Is Saying “Yes” to Life Security and Loving Love Thrives on Continual Enrichment Hearing the Sounds of Love To move Closer to Love, We Must Sometimes Move Away From It Love Compliments Love Offers No Assurance Love and Traumas The Changing Face of Love The Power of Human Love Love and Hope Love and Compassion Being Who We Are Blame A Simple Lesson in Loving Love Doesn’t Teach, It Points the Way Lasting Love Is Not a Test of Endurance Worry Never Robs Tomorrow of Its Sorrow, It Only Saps Today of Its Joy Saying “No” to Love We Have No Second Chance With Life In Love We Trust Love Enhances Love Enhancing the Love That We Seek Present Love Creating Fulfilling Relationships A Life Lived in Love Even Love Dies With verbal Neglect Loving Through Death Predictability and Love Overcoming Adversity With Love Love and Faith The Role of Beauty in Love Making Love Known Forgiveness Begins Where Blame Ends Being Who You Are Is Enough For Love Victor or Victim Change For the Sake of Love Love Is Also Pain It Takes Maturity to Love If It Seems that Love Has Let You Down Nagging Ourselves Out of Love Love and Anger Love Can Only Be Understood in Action Basic Love Words That Count Don’t Worry About Tomorrow If You Don’t Love Everybody, You Don’t Really Love Anybody Love as a Confidence Builder Coercion and Love Love Needs Encouragement Celebrating Our Differences Love and New Beginnings Love and Patience Focusing on Possibility The Fun of Loving Needing Is Different From Loving Love Is in the Attitude Love Is Immortal Awareness of Our Changing Roles Making Love Felt You Are What You Do On Making Mistakes Self-respect Surviving Conflicts Love and Cooperation Love Is the Prize of the Strong Success in Love Love and Tears The Face of Love A Gift of Love On Educating For Love Love’s Insurance Gentleness and Love Yielding The Environment of Love Love and Freedom Fear of Loving Don’t Make Today’s Judgments Based Upon Yesterday’s Memories The Pleasure of Love Love and Opportunity Appreciation For Love Planning For Love Security and Love Love Profits From a Sense of Humor Love and Understanding Time to Love Love Is in Need of Solitude Live Love in the Present The Cumulative Effect of Our Simple Acts On Being Ourselves When love Loses Its Zest Love Is Fun Each Day Offers A New Opportunity For Love The Delicate Balance of Feeling To Love, We Need Not Agree The Wight of Guilt The Value of Our Dreams A Healthy Love of Self Tears A Union of Lovers Love as the Greatest Possession The Role of the Past No One Will Think You Worthy Until You Do Creating Your Own Paradise The Blurred Boundaries of Intimacy The Value of Loving Escaping Ourselves Love Quiz Aging Love? The Miracle of Love Love Doesn’t Have Forever How About? Index of Questions